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grilled cheese coaching co.
Leadership development solutions for tech scale-ups even the busiest People Team will love
great companies need whole-mind Managers
Great managers aren’t born, they’re grown.
Your managers and leaders are rock stars in their respective fields – finance, marketing, sales, development, etc., but Managing People is a completely different skill set!

Just as they acquired their technical skills, it takes commitment, deliberate effort, and support to develop effective people leadership skills. As you scale your organization, great managers ensure you retain your best employees and fully engage them in your mission. We’ll help you build a world-class management organization AND win time back in your day to focus on what really matters.

Introducing management's best friend
The Whole-Mind Manager™
Solutions are built on our exclusive Whole-Mind Manager™ framework to fully integrate measurement and analytics into every step of the learning journey.

A Whole-Mind Manager™ is a leader who is aware of their strengths and growth
opportunities, and consciously flexes to achieve the greatest outcome for each unique
leadership situation.


GC3 Solutions

We know you’re busy. All of our solutions are designed 
to maximize the impact on your organization 
while minimizing the demands on your busy People Team


Increase self-awareness to unlock leadership potential

Manager Essentials
Core leadership skills to unleash team potential
Leading Through Scale™

Accelerate the transformation from Manager to Leader

It was an absolute pleasure to work with the Grilled Cheese Coaching team. I’d highly recommend using the GC3 team because they made it so personal. They tailored what they were delivering to our audience and they made it accessible to our teams, whether they were in the United States, in India, in the Philippines, in Europe, all different time zones and made it totally accessible to us.

Maureen Kaplan
VP, Security Sales,

In our relationship with Grilled Cheese Coaching, we use both coaching services and we also use them as trusted advisors as we think about the continued evolution of the program, in particular, the thought leadership around moving our program from an in-person to a virtual delivery, so the level of engagement and leadership, and just ideas that they provide us as we think about developing and progressing this program, that has been immensely helpful to us as we again are in the third year of our program of possibilities.

John Millea
Sr. Director of People & Culture,

When I joined the company was less than 150 people and now we’ve exploded to be almost 500 people and we use the Grilled Cheese Coaching Company to really help manage and coach and develop our managers which are the strongest asset to any
team and company.

Saira Syed
Director of HR Business Partners, Benchling
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