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Increases employee engagement and retention

Unlocks individual and organizational potential

Increases diversity

Accelerates growth

Scaling Fast?

Scale Different.

Scaling Different.

Ask us how we've scaled Different with SAP Ariba Possibilities.

Scaling Different.

Ask us how we've scaled Different with CA Technologies.

Scaling Different.

Ask us how we've scaled Different with Benchling, Inc.

Scaling Different.

Ask us how we've scaled Different with Tiffany & Co.

Scaling Different.

Ask us how we've scaled Different with Energy Fitness.

How We Help You Scale Different*

(*and avoid burnout)

Leadership Development

Growing fast?  We deliver immersive and engaging in-person and virtual learning experiences that prepare new managers to meet the demands of a rapidly accelerating business velocity and a rapidly expanding organizational scale. Off-the-shelf, or tailored to your specific needs, we got you.

Leadership Coaching

Need performance fast?  Pair your managers and influencers with a credentialed GC3 Leadership Coach to help them lead through change and accelerate their professional growth without losing their unique value, through a highly personalized 1:1 development experience.

Strategic Consulting

Need a Talent Strategy fast?  We'll partner with you to develop and execute a talent strategy that increases diversity and inclusion and aligns your people to the rapidly changing needs of the business, so that you can get on with taking over the world (and sleeping at night)

Meet The Founders


Trillium Fox, ACC - Co-Founder and CEO, New York

Trillium is driven by the passion for working with leaders looking to grow into their role authentically, helping individuals find purpose and greater satisfaction in a career, and facilitating team success.

Prior to founding the Grilled Cheese Coaching Co., Trillium gained 15 years of experience in different roles across corporate America and spent the majority of that time as a leader in the HR and Talent Development fields.  Trillium is grateful for having had the opportunity to work with individuals, executives, and teams across different organizational and experience levels and industries.

Kieron Connelly, ACC, CPCC - Co-Founder and CPO, London

Kieron loves discovering new ways to unlock potential in people and organizations. He believes we each have a unique gift, and by honouring that gift in our work and life we can live happier, more fulfilled lives full of abundance and joy.

Prior to founding GC3, Kieron gained a broad range of industry experience working in a variety of field, engineering and product management roles, before transitioning into People Development within a Fortune 500 company. He has designed, built and implemented large-scale Mentoring, Coaching, Leadership and High-Potential Development programs, and led the People part of successful Scaled Agile Transformations.

Screenshot 2019-05-08 09.33.18

Fabian Lim - Associate, Singapore

Purpose driven and passionate facilitator specialised in leadership development, team transformation & culture and organization development

Fabian is the Managing Director of Authentic Point. Authentic Point provides a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity.

What We Bring*

(*so you don't have to)


Experienced and globally distributed facilitators will deliver experiential in-person and virtual learning to engage and inspire your managers and leaders.


Our diverse global network of experienced and ICF credentialed coaches can work 1:1 with employees to unlock potential and accelerate growth.



Get powerful insights to identify individual and organizational growth opportunities with our innovative Whole Mind Manager™ Assessment and Corporate Culture Index™

Content Development

Get help with engaging content tailored to your specific organizational needs, working with our experienced instructional designers.


Strategic Consulting

With over 35 years of business, technical and people experience, we can provide insights and perspectives on how to unleash your potential with the right strategy in place.


Talent Solutions

People are our business. We've worked with hundreds of Managers, Leaders and Hi-Po employees. We know what works to get the best out of your greatest asset.

What Our Customers & Clients Are Saying

John Millea
SAP Ariba Possibilities Program

"Our purpose - to help the world run better and improve people's lives - is lived out every day in each and every member of the first graduating class from Possibilities.

Special thanks to Grilled Cheese Coaching for their partnership along the way."

Manager Essentials Training

“I have found myself thinking about the "Why" a lot more. In working with my team, in hiring, and working with other teams.”

“I'm going to be weighing my decisions as a manager more carefully. My big takeaway from the workshop is that being a manager is an ongoing, situational role that you have to constantly be refining. Any decision that's weighted too heavily in one direction could be suboptimal for my reports' productivity and happiness.”


I had the pleasure to work with Kieron for 1 year. His coach skills made me very comfortable to discuss and confront subjects that I'm usually closed to. He helped develop a plan that I'm pretty excited to achieve, and I can't thank him enough for it. A truly AAA coach 🙂

Rafael G. - Manager

I was fortunate to be connected to Trillium after some challenging work experiences that made clear I had needed to do personal and professional work to move to the next stage in my career. Trillium guided me with different tools throughout our work together, always finding just the right exercise for me when I got stuck. She modeled an astonishing capacity to listen and stay right with me, even when I myself got lost in my own thoughts.

Kate M. - Business Systems Analyst


‘Genuine expert’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Kieron Connelly. Kieron is wonderful to work with and has exceptional expertise in leadership, coaching, motivation. The time I invested in having Kieron guide me during Possibilities program was, in a word, life-changing! Kieron always suggests a real working solution to any personal or professional problem. Kieron helped me in finding Self-Sabotages and let me learn how to stop them. Kieron brings many years of wisdom and instinct to this process.

Pralay S. - Senior Developer

Trillium did a great job of keeping everyone engaged and sharing a lot of really useful insights. She successfully connected on a personal level and really brought the material to life. I had a great time and found it all super useful.

Participant - Manager Essentials Training


I had the opportunity to work closely with Kieron as we designed, developed and implemented the first high potential rotational leadership program for the Product Development organization. Kieron’s amazing skillset balanced the team in multiple ways. What stands out most for me when working with Kieron is his high level of emotional intelligence. It is not often that you work with someone who demonstrates both superb technical skills and such a high level of awareness. He is always purposeful in whatever he does, and it truly makes a difference. I welcome the opportunity to partner with Kieron again in the future!

Maria J. - Senior Talent Development Leader

Trillium has an uncanny ability to connect with people and use her coaching skills to make them better managers. She knew how to get candidates to open up to her and provide valuable feedback that she could then use to help them become better leaders. She also provided coaching to many engineers through leadership development program.

Prabodh J. - Senior Product Director


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