Whole-Mind Manager™ Assessments

Are you a Whole-Mind Manager™?

Your management style will be strongly influenced by your preferences for the behaviors in one or more of the four quadrants of the Whole-Mind Manager model: Inspire, EngageExecute and Achieve.

The starting point of the journey to becoming a Whole-Mind Manager™ is understanding those preferences and where they may be shaping your leadership approach and, in some cases, limiting your effectiveness.

Take our Whole-Mind Manager Assessment and receive the break-down of your preferences and guidance on how to build on your strengths and address your development opportunities to accelerate your impact.


Our Whole-Mind Manager Report, based on responses to the Whole-Mind Manager Assessment, will help you to begin your journey towards Whole-Mind Management. Combine with a powerful 1:1 or Group debrief facilitated by an expert GC3 Coach to unlock individual, team or organizational potential.

Whole-Mind Manager Report

Whole-Mind Manager™ Leadership Coaching

Build your own Personal Development Program as you partner with an ICF Certified GC3 Coach to help you to accelerate your impact and stretch into your potential as a manager and leader.


If you're a new or even seasoned manager, you'll be acutely aware of the pressure managers are now under to deliver results, keep employees engaged, all while still having to maintain your own resilience, work / life balance and career opportunities.

A coach is the perfect partner during times of change and opportunity.

A GC3 Whole-Mind Manager™ Coaching Package will partner you with an ICF certified GC3 coach. Harnessing the insights gained through the Whole-Mind Manager™ Assessment, you'll co-create your own unique development program perfectly optimised to unlock your potential for growth.

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Accelerate your journey to GREAT with a Whole-Mind Manager Coaching Package


I had the pleasure to work with Kieron for 1 year. His coach skills made me very comfortable to discuss and confront subjects that I'm usually closed to. He helped develop a plan that I'm pretty excited to achieve, and I can't thank him enough for it. A truly AAA coach 🙂

Rafael G. - Manager

I was fortunate to be connected to Trillium after some challenging work experiences that made clear I had needed to do personal and professional work to move to the next stage in my career. Trillium guided me with different tools throughout our work together, always finding just the right exercise for me when I got stuck. She modeled an astonishing capacity to listen and stay right with me, even when I myself got lost in my own thoughts.

Kate M. - Business Systems Analyst

All our coaching is delivered remotely leveraging our leading-edge virtual coaching technology platform. 
All our coaching is delivered remotely leveraging our leading-edge virtual coaching technology platform. 

Leadership Development

Our individualized blended-learning development approach is essential in ensuring managers have the self-awareness, accountability, guidance, and feedback needed to build cohesive teams with high engagement and low turnover to achieve exceptional performance.


Our Leading Through Scale blended-learning program offers the HR Director a turnkey solution to unlocking the potential in your individual managers and the organisation as a whole, accelerating growth and avoiding the employee engagement and retention issues associated with poor and inconsistent management practices.

All programs are built on our Whole-Mind Manager™ framework and integrate measurement and analytics to demonstrate ROI and identify the highest priority / impact opportunities for individual and cohort development.

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Talk to our sales team about how to utilise our Turnkey solution to unlocking potential in your individual managers, their teams, and your organisation.

The Six Modules of the Leading Through Scale Program
The Six Modules of the Leading Through Scale Program