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Manager Essentials™

Equip managers with the core skills needed to lead effectively

The transition from an Individual Contributor to a manager is an amazing opportunity for leaders to increase their impact, and to support others in increasing theirs. It can also be quite a shift in skills and mindset and will present new challenges and opportunities for learning and growth every day.

Leading Through Scale™

Optimize Manager Greatness

Leading Through Scale is an essential development experience to ensure leaders have
the knowledge, self-awareness, accountability, network support, and feedback needed to build cohesive teams and avoid the employee engagement issues associated with poor management practices. It combines 6 months of self-paced learning, small group peer-learning and large group facilitator led training with 1:1 coaching to unleash the potential in the manager, their team and your organization.


Accelerate self-awareness to unlock leadership potential.

A five-week online blended-learning experience with industry experts at the helm. Utilizing leading-edge assessment data and exclusive tools during live, virtual, 90-minute weekly collaborative sessions, cohorts of participants are challenged to discover factors that drive their success. Stakeholders receive aggregated cohort
data to support ongoing organizational development strategies.

Leadership Coaching

A unique and tailored learning path to unleash potential.

A GC3 coaching engagement will partner a manager with an ICF certified GC3 coach. Harnessing the insights gained through the Whole-Mind Manager™ Assessment, and utilizing the powerful Whole-Mind Coaching Canvas™, they’ll co-create a unique development experience perfectly optimized to unlock their
potential for growth. Coaching engagements typically last 3-6 months.

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We work with organizations of all sizes. Whether 20 or 20,000, we have a solution for your teams! Now, more than ever, managers are under constant pressure to deliver results and keep employees engaged, all while still having to maintain their own resilience, work / life balance and career opportunities. We want to make you the hero!

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