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Manager Essentials™

Core Leadership Skills to Unleash Team Potential

Participants report an average 49% improvement in performance

Unleash Team Potential

The transition from individual contributor to manager is an amazing opportunity for leaders to increase their impact and to support others in increasing theirs. It can also be quite a shift in skills and mindset, and will present new challenges and opportunities for learning and growth every day.


Manager Essentials™ is a core development experience deigned to equip new managers with the knowledge, self-awareness, accountability, network support, and feedback needed to build cohesive teams and avoid the employee engagement issues associated with poor management practices. Delivered via 4 powerful, practical and highly interactive facilitator-led workshops to unleash the potential in the manager, their team and your organization.

Who is it for?


Developed based on the needs and challenges of new leaders, Manager Essentials™ will equip your managers with the skills and resources they need to build and lead high-performing teams that meet the current and future demands of your growing business.

It can also be a powerful growth experience for more seasoned managers that lack basic leadership training, or would benefit from a refresher.

What are the outcomes?


As well as increases across every dimension of the Whole-Mind Manager model, participants reported a 49% improvement in performance as managers, which is like adding nearly 50 more managers to a 100 manager organization!

Why Benchling Chose the Grilled Cheese Coaching Co to Prepare its Management Team for Explosive Growth

Managers account for 70% of the variance in their team's engagement.

Stop throwing money away on a $500 billion dollar per year employee disengagement problem and start investing in manager development. 

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