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Unleashing the potential of Women in Tech at OpenText

Why Maureen chose The Grilled Cheese Coaching Co – in her own words

Meet Maureen Kaplan – cofounder of the OpenText Women in Technology network. Her growing community is supporting hundreds of women to advance their careers within the IT space and shows no sign of slowing down. Despite this success, Maureen knew more work was needed to support women in the technology sector.


OpenText Women in Technology Network


Women in Tech





It was an absolute pleasure to work with the Grilled Cheese Coaching team, both in terms of the structure of how they presented the materials and the engaging during the virtual session with the team that was joining as well as the ability to follow up afterwards. I'd highly recommend using the GC3 team because they made it so personal. They tailored what they were delivering to our audience and they made it accessible to our teams, whether they were in the United States, in India, in the Philippines, in Europe, all different time zones and made it totally accessible to us.
Maureen Kaplan
CoFounder of OpenText Women in Technology Network
To resolve this challenge

Maureen sought a learning partner capable of engaging with her growing community by delivering compelling content. The chosen partner would need to foster a sense of inclusion and improve collaboration across multiple geographic boundaries. Maureen decided to consult her team first, to ascertain their requirements. Their response was loud and clear: they wanted the training to focus on leadership development and general networking.

That was when she picked up the phone and spoke to us. 

Transforming the OpenText Women in Technology Network through focused workshops & follow-up training

From the moment we met Maureen, we were excited by her mission and the opportunity to support her amazing community – both professionally and personally.

We initially invited all 300 participants to participate in a Whole-Mind™ Manager Assessment and Debrief, before joining a five-part Whole-Mind Me leadership development workshop – all delivered virtually.

In Maureen’s words: ‘It was a wonderful experience for all of us – a very light touch when it came to planning and organizing and outsized, powerful impact for each of the people that participated.’

Here’s how we did it…

Whole-Mind Manager Assessment

No two managers are the same. Each will have their own way of thinking and implementing - with most drawing from either the emotional or logical hemispheres of their brains.

Our Whole-Mind Manager™ Assessment and debrief helped participants recognize their default leadership preferences, then flex their leadership style in response to different situations.

By the end, all participants felt confident using both the creative an analytical sides of their brains to achieve optimal outcomes - no matter what the challenge.

Monday Bites Email

Participants were invited to subscribe to our weekly Monday Bites emails, which provided them with additional written and video content, along with links to further reading, to allow them to dive deeper into the topics explored during the live sessions. 

This ongoing support outside of the monthly sessions helped to maintain momentum and allowed for continued self-paced learning.

Whole-Mind Me™ Virtual Workshop Seires

Coordinating learning for a 300-strong community spread across multiple time zones presented a challenge. How could we focus on individual participants'' needs in a group this large?

By breaking sessions into small discussion groups colleagues could work collaboratively. What were their career goals? How effective were they at decision-making and working with allies? 

these focused hour-long sessions allowed participants to reconnect with old knowledge while exposing them to new ways of thinking - providing them with a wider perspective of their leadership journey.

Incredible feedback from our workshop series

We were delighted to receive such positive feedback from participants. That we were able to support them at such a critical stage in the community's development meant the world to us. Participants exited our Whole-Mind Me™ program equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to think creatively and work collaboratively with peers and other stakeholders.

Michele Ross
Senior Technical Project Manager

The Grilled Cheese Coaching Company has supported me in a couple really overt ways as a Partner Manager. They have provided new tools and insights that have really affected a more deeply creative and collaborative approach to partner management for me, but also they’ve allowed me to reconnect with some really good information and wisdom I had already been exposed to previously, years ago, providing a much needed refresher.

Broke teams into small groups to encourage reflection and help participants develop perspectives around their leadership journey.

Refreshed group knowledge and provided innovative tools and insights to encourage creativity and collaboration across the global team.

Successfully coordinated and ran a series of virtual workshops for Maureen’s 300-strong community spread across multiple time zones.

The next steps for Maureen and the OpenText Women in Technology Team

Maureen remains committed to developing her growing community of Women in Tech. We’re delighted to be part of this ongoing plan and can’t wait to support team members in the next step of their career journey. 

I would just highly recommend. And I look forward to participating in anything else that is offered through, especially through my company OpenText. So grateful for the Women in Technologies group to have brought this to us and like I said, just good, good job all the way around, thank you!

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