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A Design for Life

“I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald.

We spend a great deal of our life drawing on the same set of habits and behaviors that we’ve been refining over many years. Often unconscious, and commonly referred to as “autopilot,” this practice can save us a lot of time and energy – for example, by ensuring we don’t have to agonize over the routine decisions we make every day. However, our autopilot also needs maintenance or we will end up sustaining habits that no longer serve us or the life we wish to lead.

It’s therefore a good idea to periodically review your automatic behaviors to live at peak performance. Those most proactive would do this regularly, perhaps once a year, or certainly after any major change event. If, however, like the majority of us, you haven’t done this in a while (or ever!), check in on these three vital areas, and consider the suggestions to redesign your life: 

Body – If you find you’re often getting sick or have chronic pain, feel constantly drained, and / or suffer from insomnia or poor-quality sleep:

  • Fitness: Does your physical health support or inhibit your life? Does your routine include the right kinds of exercise, at least 3 times per week?
  • Nutrition: Is your diet balanced, giving your body the right kind of energy when you need it? Are you drinking enough water (8 glasses per day, on average)?
  • Recovery: Do you have a stable rest and sleep routine, with a regular bedtime / waketime providing the amount of sleep you need (the average person needs 8 hours)?

Mind – If you can’t focus, are experiencing anxiety, chronic stress or burnout, or find it hard to manage your emotions:

  • Mindfulness: Do you meditate every day, even for just a few minutes?
  • Flow: Have you created an environment that allows you to do your best work without distraction or interruption?
  • Renewal: Do you take regular breaks, and even nap(!), during the day to recharge? Have you set clear boundaries between work and life? Are you disconnected from your digital devices at least two hours before bed? 

Spirit – If you’re feeling empty, disconnected, apathetic or depressed:

  • Purpose: Do you live your life ‘on purpose’ with a strong sense of your own unique North Star guiding you? Are you living in integrity with your values?
  • Belonging: Do you feel connected to the people around you, at work and at home, with a strong sense of community and trust? Do you understand your role in that community, and does it align with your purpose and values?
  • Growth: Do you allocate time every day for personal and professional growth? Are you pursuing mastery in something that draws on your genius?
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