Individual & Team Assessment Details

See below for details and links to access the individual and team Whole-Mind Manager assessments.

Whole-Mind Manager Report

Whole-Mind Manager™ INDIVIDUAL Assessment

Register for a Whole-Mind Manager™ 1:1 Debrief with an expert GC3 Coach and we'll send you details of how to complete your assessment.

The assessment will take approximately 15 minutes, and you need to complete it in one sitting before your debrief session.

We'll email your personalized report prior to the debrief. During the debrief your expert coach will guide you through the results and help you to build a plan for how to unlock your potential as a Whole-Mind Manager™.

Whole-Mind Manager™ TEAM Assessment

The Whole-Mind Manager™ TEAM Assessment combines the power of individual team member results with an understanding of how the team collectively operates, highlighting strengths and development opportunities that will unlock potential and performance at an individual and team level. 

The package includes an INDIVIDUAL report and 1:1 debrief for each participant + a separate TEAM report and a 90 minute team debrief with one of our expert facilitators. 

Visit our pricing page for more details and to schedule your TEAM assessment.

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