All of our solutions are built on the rock-solid foundation of our proprietary Whole-Mind Manager framework. Whole-Mind Management reflects our deep understanding of how real management works, developed over more than 35 years of real-world business technology and people experience.


The Whole Picture

Our brains have two major hemispheres: Left and Right. 

The Right side, the colourful side depicted in the image, is the source of all your big ideas, your imagination, your creativity, your intuition, your emotions. The right side is great at seeing the big picture.

The Left side, as you can see, is quite different. It’s more logical, analytical, linear. It prefers the facts, and it sweats the details.

The Whole-Mind Manager™

The Whole-Mind Manager™ model* recognises that many of us have a preference – a way of thinking and doing - that typically draws more from one hemisphere or the other. And that preference will influence our management style – the way we interact with and lead the team.

The challenge is that management requires us to both grasp the big picture and sweat the details. We need to lead with both emotion and logic. There’s a time for creativity and imagination and a time for action.

The ideal manager then is a Whole-Mind Manager™, one who understands their default approach – based on those preferences - is only one of many possible approaches, and consciously flexes to achieve the greatest impact in each situation.

*The Whole-Mind Manager name and associated intellectual property is trademarked and proprietary to the Grilled Cheese Coaching Company. All rights reserved.

The Right Side

The Big Picture: Emotions, Creativity and Imagination.


Uncovers and aligns passion for what is possible

A manager with strengths in this area will have an open and inclusive communication style; a passion for the company and the work; the ability to lead through change using inspiration vs authority; a strong grasp of the business and customer needs and how that aligns to the strategic vision of the organization.



Infectious Drive to unlock the best in themselves, individuals, teams and the organization

A manager with strengths in this area will be seen as a ‘people person’ – one who invests in talent as a differentiator; maintains strong and productive relationships both inside and outside the company; ensures an inclusive and diverse team environment and has a high degree of emotional intelligence and empathy.


The Left Side

The Details: Logical, Analytical and Linear.



Reveres discovery, growth and progress over perfection

A manager with strengths in this area will have a proven track record of delivering results; the ability to use data and analysis to make informed and effective decisions quickly; the ability to delegate and allow others to do the work their own way; and an insatiable desire to learn and grow which is infectious to others.



Carefully and creatively leverages all available resources to get s**t done

A manager with strengths in this area will have a strong track record in building and maintaining strong teams and organizations; is focused on innovation and continuous improvement at all levels; and is great at both planning and execution, consistently getting work done on time and budget.

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The Whole Story

COMING SOON! The Whole-Mind Manager Book

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The ideal manager is a Whole-Mind Manager™ – one who understands their default management approach is only one of many and consciously flexes to achieve the greatest outcome for each unique leadership situation.

The Whole-Mind Manager™ book will take you deep into the model and provide you with powerful tools and techniques to increase your impact as a manager.