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Whole-Mind Manager™ Assessments


The ideal manager is a Whole-Mind Manager™ – one who understands their default management approach is only one of many and consciously flexes to achieve the greatest outcome for each unique leadership situation.

Your management style will be strongly influenced by your preferences for the behaviors in one or more of the four quadrants of the Whole-Mind Manager model: Inspire, EngageExecute and Achieve.

The starting point of the journey to becoming a Whole-Mind Manager™ is understanding those preferences and where they may be shaping your leadership approach and, in some cases, limiting your effectiveness.

Our Whole-Mind Manager Report, based on responses to the Whole-Mind Manager Assessment, will help you to begin your journey towards Whole-Mind Management. Combine with a powerful 1:1 or Group debrief facilitated by an expert GC3 Coach to unlock individual, team or organizational potential.

Whole-Mind Manager Report

Leadership Development Programs

Our individualized blended-learning development approach is essential in ensuring managers have the self-awareness, accountability, guidance, and feedback needed to build cohesive teams with high engagement and low turnover to achieve exceptional performance.


Our Manager Essentials and Leading Through Scale blended-learning programs deliver high-impact management training to help prepare managers for the challenges ahead. All programs are built on our Whole-Mind Manager competency model and integrate measurement and analytics to demonstrate ROI and identify the highest priority / impact opportunities for individual and cohort development.


Leadership Coaching

Training is something you schedule. Learning, however, doesn’t fit so neatly into a one-hour webinar or even a three day offsite. It can happen at any time, anywhere. If you want to maximize the learning that happens in your organization, you need to give your employees the opportunity to explore, in their own time and at their own pace, the challenges they are encountering on their journey to success.


The innovative Grilled Cheese LEADERSHIP Canvas forms the heart of the GC3 coaching process. Leveraging this powerful tool in all coaching engagements helps each Coachee build a clear understanding of their unique vision and values and aligns them to sustainable behavior change.

Our coaches work with individual leaders 1:1. Coaching can be stand-alone, combined with an existing in-house development program or included with one of our Leadership Development programs. Coaching engagements typically last between 6 and 9 months.

All our coaching is delivered remotely leveraging our leading-edge virtual coaching technology platform.