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We'll email your personalized report prior to the webinar. During the webinar we'll guide you through the results and help you to build a plan for how to unlock your potential as a Whole-Mind Manager™.


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Whole-Mind Manager Leadership Coaching Package

Take the Whole-Mind Manager Assessment, get your personalised Whole-Mind Manager Report and attend a 1:1 90 minute Discovery session with your GC3 Coach.

Participate in 5x45 minute sessions of high-impact 1:1 coaching, tailored to your unique learning style.

Attend a 1h 'Odyssey' session with your GC3 Coach, to reflect on your journey so far, and consider the opportunities ahead.


*Plus applicable taxes. Instalment options available.

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Unleash the potential in your management team

Participants take the Whole-Mind Manager™ Team Assessment. Each team member receives a personalised Whole-Mind Manager™ Report and participates in a 60 minute 1:1 debrief.

Team Lead receives a Team Report, and the whole Team participate in a 90 minute Team debrief.

$500USD/£400GB each

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A turnkey solution to accelerating organisational growth

Our Leading Through Scale™ program, built on our proprietary Whole-Mind Manager™ framework and using an innovative blending-learning system that combines Measurement, Coaching, Self-Paced and Group Learning.

Designed for high-growth companies looking to accelerate their impact on our world.

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The Whole-Mind Manager™ Book

COMING SOON! The Whole-Mind Manager Book

Unlock your Mind. Unleash Your Potential to Lead.

The ideal manager is a Whole-Mind Manager™ – one who understands their default management approach is only one of many and consciously flexes to achieve the greatest outcome for each unique leadership situation.

The Whole-Mind Manager™ book will take you deep into the model and provide you with powerful tools and techniques to increase your impact as a manager.