Growing SAP’s next generation of leaders

Growing SAP’s next generation of leaders

SAP is a German-based Fortune 500 company specializing in the production of software for managing business processes. It’s a leader in its field with global reach – helping businesses small and large to manage their data more effectively.

John Millea supports SAP’s Intelligent Spend Business Network (ISBN), which comprises over 7000 employees. Each year, those with the greatest potential are enrolled onto the company’s Inspire Possibilities program – which John created and leads as both coach and facilitator.









We elected to use Grilled Cheese Coaching Company because they're world class coaches and they're amazing human beings. And when you put people and culture at the center of any experience or any development program, having coaches who understand the nature of change and how people progress towards realizing the possibilities - that was the ingredient that we were looking for.
John Millea
Senior Director of People & Culture
Augmenting SAP’s coaching practice through consultation, virtual sessions, and 1:1 coaching

John needed a learning partner to join SAP on its mission to unleash
the potential of its highest performers – so they could become its next generation of leaders and take the business to new heights.

This was to be a long-term relationship, with the chosen partner providing guidance on important issues like thought leadership and how to transition the program from in-person to virtual delivery.

From the outset, we bought into John’s vision – and were delighted when he chose us to support SAP on its journey to develop its high performers into future leaders.

Facilitating Sessions

We hosted a series of small and large virtual group events to help foster a supportive and unified environment - where peers were actively encouraged to learn from one other.

Team challenges were incorporated to shrink the virtual divide, promote unity, interaction, and make the process fun.

The facilitated sessions led to increased networking and collaboration throughout the organization.





Thought Leadership & Consulting

Our relationship with SAP extended far beyond the delivery of facilitated sessions and 1:1 coaching for its high potential employees. We were also brought on board to collaborate on the development of SAP’s leadership development strategy for its high-potential “Catalyst’ employees.

To achieve this, we collaborated closely with John and his team during every step of the creation and evolution of SAP’s key leadership programs.

By acting as SAP’s end-to-end partner, we’ve been instrumental in helping its professional development offerings to continually evolve.

1:1 Coaching

Creating unique learning paths for each of the 100 participants on the Possibilities program, we unlocked their true potential and gave them the confidence to take on more responsibility

We also helped them become better listeners, more effective managers and highlighted their strengths.

Since working with John and his team, we’ve consistently achieved a net promoter score of 100%.






Incredible feedback from our sessions

Feedback from participants attending the Possibilities coaching sessions was heartwarming. By the end of the program, there were no detractors - only promoters who felt genuinely empowered and excited about their future at SAP.

John Millea
Sr. Director People & Culture

The participants love Trillium and Kieron as coaches with consistent 100% NPS on the coaching experience. So again, thank you to Grilled Cheese Coaching for being our partner, and we look forward to a long and successful journey with you.

A partnership that goes from strength-to-strength

Fast forward three years and we’re still supporting the Possibilities program - and looking forward to increasing its reach and impact in 2022.

I would highly recommend Grilled Cheese Coaching to any organization that is looking to augment their own resources and the programs you deliver. Or if you are looking for just kind of a full end to end partner on delivery of leadership development and coaching services. Both Trillium and Kieron are amazing people, great partners and expert deliveries of their craft.


-John Millea, Sr. Director People & Culture, SAP

Putting people and culture front and center

SAP’s chosen coaching partner for the third year running and the foreseeable future

Ran a series of highly successful 1:1 virtual coaching sessions for SAP’s top performers

Acted as a consultative end-to-end partner, helping SAP’s coaching practice to grow and evolve

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