At the core of our services is one simple idea:

We help you scale your organization fast by unlocking the unique value in your highest-impact managers and leaders.

We help you scale Different.

Management Training

Establish a solid foundation from which to build a world-class management organization, designed to scale fast and adapt easily to your dynamic business environment, while preserving your unique value.

Step 1: Level Set

Identify the cohort, and build self-awareness through a preparatory assessment based on the GC3 Whole Mind-Manager™ Management Competency Model

Step 2: Level Up

Deliver a powerful, fully-virtualizable, blended-learning program combining self-paced, peer & large group learning activities with a leading-edge curriculum building essential management skills and behavior

Step 3: Follow Up

Based on analysis of group data, establish ongoing individual and group learning needs, identify the most impactful next steps your organization could take




Teamwork and Collaboration

Diversity and Inclusion

Leading Thru Scale


Emotional Intelligence

Building Trust

Motivation and Engagement

The Essential Skills

Our Manager Essentials training targets the ten most critical and foundational management skills, preparing your new managers to lead their teams through the rapid changes your organization will experience as it scales fast, while harnessing the power of diversity to help you scale Different.

I'm going to be weighing my decisions as a manager more carefully. My big takeaway from the workshop is that being a manager is an ongoing, situational role that you have to constantly be refining. Any decision that's weighted too heavily in one direction could be suboptimal for my reports' productivity and happiness.

Participant - Manager Essentials Training

(Sustaining change is hard. Significantly increase your ROI* - up to 400% - by combining Manager Essentials Training with Leadership Coaching)

Leadership Coaching

Pair your critical leaders, managers and high-potential employees with a Leadership Coach who will support them as they increase their self-awareness, stretch into their potential - and unlock your potential for innovation and growth.

Step 1: Discovery

Utilizing the highly innovative Grilled Cheese Coaching Canvas (see below), Coach and Client discover where the client is now, establish a clear vision for where they're headed, and a plan for how to get there, fast.

Step 2: 1:1 Coaching

Coach and Client will partner over a sustained period (3-6 months), and will support the client as they explore their potential, learning from and celebrating setbacks and  successes on the journey to the very best version of themselves.

Step 3: Odyssey Planning

On completion of the coaching process, coach and client work together to build an Odyssey plan for the client that will enable them to capture the impact they want to have from this new place of self-awareness and engagement.

Introducing: The very best version of you.

A short tour of the Grilled Cheese Coaching Canvas.

Life Purpose

If you choose to live your life “on purpose” what impact will you have in the world?


Who are you becoming?

If you acted like you could not fail, what would you set out to achieve?

Unique Value

What's your 'different'?

What do you bring that no one else can?


What are the values and beliefs that shape who you are and how you see the world?

What are you not willing to compromise?


Who will help you to realize your vision?

Which 3-5 people will you appoint to your ideal personal board of directors?


Where do you consciously need to choose a new path or perspective in service to your vision?


Where do you run your life on Auto-pilot?

What new habits do you need to establish on the way to achieving your vision?


How are your stopping yourself from becoming the person you were made to be?


3-5 Goals  for this coaching relationship that will help you to progress toward your vision.

"Defining the Coaching Canvas, working on my limiting beliefs and life purpose, reduced the fear of difficult crossroads.

This will help me live my life 'on purpose' personally and professionally. I would like to learn more and pay it forward." - A GC3 Coaching Client

Coaching Canvas

Our innovative Coaching Canvas forms the heart of our Leadership Coaching process.

Working in close partnership with a GC3 coach, clients leverage this powerful tool to build a clear vision and roadmap for success, and harness that value to increase their impact in our world, and in your business.

While the content of this program is great, the highest value of this program to me are connections that we make in this program and the individual coaching.

Participant - Combined Training + Coaching Program

*Research by the International Personnel Management Association (IPMA) concluded that "ordinary training typically increased productivity by 22%, while training combined with coaching increased productivity by 88%."

(Before you set out on any journey, you need to know where you are)

Continuous Measurement

Establishing a baseline and tracking individual and organizational progress according to industry leading management competencies will ensure effective prioritization and measurable, targeted, high-impact growth  

Corporate Culture Index (CCI)

The Corporate Climate Index (CCI) measures overall employee engagement across the cohort / organization, and the critical drivers behind it, including risks to retention and future hiring. CCI establishes a clear context and baseline from which to measure growth through our high-impact and fully integrated development programs, and gives leaders the data they need to make informed decisions.

Whole-Mind Manager™ Asssessment

Used to determine individual and organizational management preferences and identify high-impact areas of strength and opportunity. The ideal manager is a Whole-Mind Manager™ – one who understands their default management approach is only one of many and consciously flexes to achieve the greatest outcome for each unique leadership situation.

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